TitleTotal Votes
How long should I lurk before posting?6
Should they bring back /ascii/?5
Should I leave 4chan?10
change default theme to Heyuri Classic10
How virgin are you?10
Do you use the correct Strange World font?9
Do you worship Mokou or Kaguya?5
Is Tomoko the a very bad person ?6
Kuz 2022 Approval Rating69
should i masturbate to my waifu this weekend14
What board(s) should be added to wapchan?33
Ha ha! I'm posting on /vote/!15
Are you S or M?9
what to watch next9
What should we watch?23
Your favorite kita5
Do you know Japanese?33
Who's hotter?13
What should I have for dinner?18
Who is king of 68k computers?10
How often do you check /vote/ for new polls?15
Have you ever seen a black irl?26
Have you ever seen a black irl?5
Favorite Network Policy?7
New Proposed Rule: Complete ban on all proxies and TOR from posting20
how many lines do you put on /vote/9
Am I a nigger faggot?34
Should we exterminate all homeless people?10
Section 2304
Should the blue colour be lightened in the bars11
Should Heyuri run ads on 4chan to get users?34
Do you accept kuz's apology for the downtime?11
Best way to quit a program?17
HTML or HTM?18
Which of these TLD's do you like most?19
futa: gay or not?18
raeping or being raeped?12
the below poles are garbage and everyone who participated in them should be banned6
"I think heyuri should adopt a completely unique and heyuri-centric style, throw in some whites and greens, extra stars, heyuri-tans, nothing crazy."11
Delete ayashii or heyuri7
Rest of Heyuri should be more liek /sw/13
bring back the blog kuz3
who won the sino-soviet split5
stop changing the links you pseudo tsar fuck7
2ちゃん Uploader: Should a rule similar to rule 8 be enforced on official boards (excluding nolist)?30
BE HONEST did you come to heyuri before June 6, 2020?23
What is your WPM?12
Which Heyuri board would you want to see added?35
Move loliboard to img.heyuri.net/l/67
do you actively read manga?18
do you actively watch anime?14
what os do you use?29
should we kill all autistic people?24
the latest changes on heyuri are..10
which domain sounds better15
i think sakamoto should be the default theme. do you agree?7
Should Kokonotsuba be open source?18
Those of You Who Know How To Program, What Language Do You Use Most? KUZ EDIT: IF YOU KNOW PHP PLEASE EMAIL ME AND HELP KUZ@KOLYMA.ORG13
Do you know how to program?10
How old was this poll (made on 2021-07-23) when you saw it13
Which theme do you use?11
is it better to be born?6
What's your most commonly used chat protocol?16
Heyuri Minecraft server18
2 options11
Does full width look better?11
Should heyuri and kind.moe link up?44
Soudane on /v/8
Heyuri demographic survey 2021-0544
should i invest money into heyuri-brand paperclips?8
yuri-chan dont go4
Is no gream as same as daed?9
Are you christian?20
May Monthly Anime Poll19
is being mean bad20
would you fuck kↈↈz given he was a sexy cosplaying russian weeboo femiod instead of a tranny autistic hikki neet20
Armpits: Hairy or shaven?18
should lol be filtered to LOL?29
make frogposting board4
Do you like gikopoi?14
The Imageboard Title Fight13
9ch styles7
which is best6
which one feels better?11
favorite letter?13
Where do you pee11
am i COOL! (say yes)13
GC: Loli board?394
The sex15
Are you a friend?14
How hot is Ceje19
9ch poll: is stink cute?25
is gream no same as daed?5
cake poll10
Should I bring in the anime loving n00bs to the site?12
True supreme heyuri ruler9
True supreme heyuri ruler4
February Monthly Anime Poll12