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TitleTotal Votes
Do you love pooping?3
Did You Attend Townhall Number 9?19
imgboard, txtboard or oekaki?11
have you ever seriously considered volunteering in an armed conflict?13
should heyuri merge with
This is...13
i am thinking of a number between 1 and 10, i will kill my self if the most votes is the wrong number14
next heyuri board28
best three-way to witness?18
You gay bruv?16
Iced Chamomile Tea5
Which would rather live in?11
wat ice cream flavors do you like?50
how many people here program or like tinkering with computers?12
should heyuri play another game?11
best imageboard [IB Olympics]22
What is good in life?30
would you rather live in hawaii or alaska23
what board do you browse the least?17
Is it ok to have a nonesensical "poll" that is just an excuse to be goofy?14
Why shouldn't I KMS?49
Do you have a car?13
What's the best amount of sisters to have incest with?15
Should dogs be made illegal?21
What's the best amount of sisters to have?12
Who are you?14
Is Hell Real???20
best cheez19
Vote on this poll as many times as you can1047
choose a foods for life and only these foods otherwise youthinasia18
ok gayz, super imp-ortant quench-ion... half life on1 1998 urrr...... fear frum 2005??10
Have you ever posted a poll on iruyeH (pig latin for Heyuri)10
How do you write out your laughter? (multi-option select)30
Epstein VS EDP445: Who could win?15
How do you read Japanese names?17
when was the last time you seriously thought about an heroing?16
How often do you masturbate?23
which is worse, nu4chan or reddit?29
On Heyuri I use [X] the most.19
Otakus vs Nerds30
Choose your Fighter!!!22
Are you fucked in mind?18
How do you refresh a page?27
My day is...12
I've been hacked. Who did it?15
Which one do you use the most?19
Which one do you use the most?6
I sleep...17
Social media is the worst because of...23
You judge people based on23
A girl lets you sniff your panties, but if you do she'll make fun of you. Do you sniff?21
Vote as many times as you can I guess8179
Do you have any sympathy for unplanned pregnancies? (That aren't rape)14
Do you think of yourself as a "father" to your pet?1
Which do you think Jesus would prefer?4
Choose One4
Who are you voting for3
Please give equal amount of votes to every dog2
Are you involved in some crime?3
what is your favorite dog breed?1
Finally, /vote/ supports Japanese!3
How can you feel with fat woman in public?2
On Boards and Anonymous Forums I always...2
Should I introduce my 12 year old brother to Heyuri?15
Having seven older sisters would be...9
Do you fantasize about dying to save someone else's life? (eg. pushing someone about to get hit by a car and getting hit yourself, etc)10
Would you go out with a girl with a mustache?9
Are you supposed to vote on your own polls?11
Do you punch walls when you're angry/stressed/frustrated/etc?9
Why do you sexualize lolis?16
Would you lick a girl's sweaty (post-exercise) asshole if she never wiped and never bathed?13
Is there a difference between saying "Nigga" and "Nigger"?13
Were you using imageboards before Heyuri?18
Is Putting A Tissue in Your Nose To Stop A Nosebleed Socially Unacceptable?22
Is there anything in your life you'd go back to change?20
Age poll26
Would you drink a girl's sweat if she was hot?26
Have You Watched Gun Gale Online?12
(3/3) After thirty seconds of waiting, you flag down the waitress and say...23
(2/3) You respond to the waitress and say...26
(1/3) You sit down at a restaurant and the waitress says...28
If he says your name wrong2
Genshiken Stream - watching it?16
Oppai loli or flat loli?21
An hero10
Have you ever been in a relationship?25
Kaguya vs. Kagunyaa~~17
Should English adopt a fictional googooloogy writing system?11
Should English adopt a logographic writing system?12
Have you heard of "The Violent Femmes"16
If aliens existed I think they would be...10
I have witnessed or experienced something paranormal (a ghost, cryptid, UFO, psychic phenomena etc.) at least once in my life19
How often do you shower?24
Autism is...19
F-22 Raptor vs F-35 Lightning II6
Boob size20
How often do you brush your teeth?23
Would you be attracted to or repulsed by a woman who browses Heyuri?29
Best season15
Should English Have A Distinction Between Inclusive and Exclusive to the Audience "We"?15
When I grow up, I want to be:16
Would you ever fuck a trap?31
Man or Woman14
My name is James....14
what state should be held the first heyuri convention?21
I have found a few problems with your website11
how many times do you usually masturbated in a day?22
How Many Languages Can You Read and Comprehend Text In?21
Animal love21
should heyuri plan another ga[y]ming day?15
kigurumi sex?29
is violence against innocent civilans justified if the cause is good?26
I have...14
Have You Watched The Anime "New Game"?25
are you a virgin?32
My name is _________21
Do you use heyuri on workbreak?17
Have you ever heard of Romania or Moldova?26
Have you been to Romania or Moldova?18
Would you marry Konata?27
Which would you prefer?14
Wut is your favorite ABe animu/Mango?11
Would you drink Reimu's armpit sweat?23
Which anime was the most essential to 2000s imageboard culture?14
How Do You Feel When You Read Romantic Stories12
Do you want friends?19
Which social media platform do you hate the most?31
heyuri mc server18
Who invented the Internet?19
What Religion Do You Practice27
Where Do You Live?11
HEYURI ALBUM 2: What should the album title be?32
Have you watched Call of the Night?16
Seggs with children?212
who do you love the most?14
momoko VS chen135
Ban Oilar Parker18
Should there be a site like AAChan where users can post their own ASCII arts?13
Shoukd there be a /lounge/ version of Mattari AA?2
Is your birthday once every year?21
If you were a schoolteacher would you fuck your students?25
Which of the following letters looks best: q, p, d, b17
Would you rather...16
How many monitors do you use now? (Phones dont count)22
Have you ever killed a pet-sized animal? (Pigeon size or bigger)14
Are you a manga reader?15
Can you lick your nose?10
What was your first pet?20
How often do you brush your teeth?22
How long should futa cocks be?24
have you ever jerked off to a male?29
Do you prefer22
Is it OK to fuck my ______?23
the most important poll26
You were born in the...36
Should Kaguya post his naked body on /b/ in the next 24 hours?67
Do the old Heyuriquettes need to be enforced? (specifically OP quoting being very bad)38
Would you have gay sex with a pretty guy23
What's your gender30
Coolest weapon?20
Do you like NTR?43
Do you use Laptop or desktop PC?38
Best mod?15
New boards?27
I made a typo on the last poll, am I a dumb loser14
Whuch boards should Heyuri focus on advertising itself on11
At what age should a child be fucked?33
Should Moot and Hiro be in a gay relationship?22
Would you fuck your dog?15
Would you rape a baby?16
What should you do when you're on fire?9
Fuck, Marry, Kill17
Do you smell your fingers after scratching your balls?24
Should Heyuri be advertised more?33
Where are my fart polls?12
Where are yuo from?59
Does Heyuri need yet another pedo poll?8
Favorite Chan-girl?17
Thoughts on pedophiles?17
Should child porn be legal?24
Should loli be legal63
Are you a moral person?29
HEYURI ALBUM: What should the deadline be?31
Best portrayal of Mario?17
Thoughts on kaguya?22
What kind of pedo are you?28
Which Spider-Man is the best?11
taskbar location14
Where is spam the worst?15
Last good year?15
Last good year?7
ochinchin size20
Thoughts on SSZ the owner of 4ch?21
favorite rozen maiden?15
Two types of sage /q/koko.php?res=617206
Which kids are the hottest?22
Thoughts on faganon?11
Thoughts on niggers?39
What generation is the best?13
Heyuri Age Survey54
Are you hispanic?31
Jokes aside, have you actually been diagnosed with autism?31
What are your thoughts on trannies and traps?26
What internet era was the best27
Heyuri miss olympia competition winrar14
KUZ POLL #4816
kuz: pronounciation of name15
Does Heyuri need yet another kuz poll?6
Thoughts on Kuz13
Heyuri miss olympia competition29
Favorite Heyuri Admin?22
Touhou board25
Which one?10
Which do you prefer pedos?9
where is my left hand10
make futaba the default theme, so it will blend better with the rest of the site6
which lucky wud u fug?14
Should Koylma create me a BBS called pworldbbs for me?12
what decade had the best memes14
What's your I.Q.?23
which azu wud u fug?19
how often you take showers?20
You cum, but with barely any pleasure than normal. WDYD?18
What's your favorite era?20
Do you play stepmania?19
Do you use frames?16
Should Heyuri add a /aa/ textboard?16
Oppai or oshiri?19
Wapchan Fall Boards16
B& <1830
Are you autistic28
Are you autistic8
What kind of alcohol do you drink?22
ur about to cum25
which is better10
/jp/ board33
rename Off-Topic to Anime/Random17
are you retarded?27
/a/nime board18
what should i watch next12
which is harder to have fun around16
ramen board15
/v/ideo gaemz board?28
Cytube Stream (July 2022)16
Best board?9
Witch theme are you using?16
Been trying Collabvm6
Vidlii or BitView?27
If someone makes a joke about your mom:15
How do you pronounce .png?32
Vidlii Newfags32
Yume Nikki Online32
When did you first hear of /sw/?12
Which wiki theme should be the default?12
Is KUZ still good when unmodded?22
where should MattariAA be hosted9
honeypot fields with common targeted name attribute to stop spam15
2D OR 3D?38
best in teh 6 generation of vidya10
Do you play vidya? If so, on what platform(s)?23
How much do you weigh24
create /world/ textboard16
what browser are you using29
minecraft server??17
should i learn rust language??17
TOR & VPN ban27
what do you think of negros?24
Best place for the pen0r11
Kaguya 2022 Aproval Rating44
Are you a pedophile (answer with TOR)33
How early do you have to join a website to be an original member9
what is DA BEST BAORD?!16
What is Heyuri for you?17
How long should I lurk before posting?15
Should they bring back /ascii/?9
Should I leave 4chan?44
change default theme to Heyuri Classic12
How virgin are you?31
Do you use the correct Strange World font?9
Do you worship Mokou or Kaguya?6
Is Tomoko the a very bad person ?14
Kuz 2022 Approval Rating74
should i masturbate to my waifu this weekend19
What board(s) should be added to wapchan?34
Ha ha! I'm posting on /vote/!18
Are you S or M?14
what to watch next9
What should we watch?25
Your favorite kita6
Do you know Japanese?43
Who's hotter?15
What should I have for dinner?21
Who is king of 68k computers?11
How often do you check /vote/ for new polls?16
Have you ever seen a black irl?32
Have you ever seen a black irl?7
Favorite Network Policy?8
New Proposed Rule: Complete ban on all proxies and TOR from posting23
how many lines do you put on /vote/9
Am I a nigger faggot?49
Should we exterminate all homeless people?16
Section 2308
Should the blue colour be lightened in the bars12
Should Heyuri run ads on 4chan to get users?39
Do you accept kuz's apology for the downtime?11
Best way to quit a program?19
HTML or HTM?20
Which of these TLD's do you like most?20
futa: gay or not?29
raeping or being raeped?22
the below poles are garbage and everyone who participated in them should be banned6
"I think heyuri should adopt a completely unique and heyuri-centric style, throw in some whites and greens, extra stars, heyuri-tans, nothing crazy."15
Delete ayashii or heyuri8
Rest of Heyuri should be more liek /sw/15
bring back the blog kuz3
who won the sino-soviet split6
stop changing the links you pseudo tsar fuck8
2ちゃん Uploader: Should a rule similar to rule 8 be enforced on official boards (excluding nolist)?46
BE HONEST did you come to heyuri before June 6, 2020?30
What is your WPM?15
Which Heyuri board would you want to see added?38
Move loliboard to
do you actively read manga?21
do you actively watch anime?18
what os do you use?33
should we kill all autistic people?27
the latest changes on heyuri are..10
which domain sounds better15
i think sakamoto should be the default theme. do you agree?7
Should Kokonotsuba be open source?18
Those of You Who Know How To Program, What Language Do You Use Most? KUZ EDIT: IF YOU KNOW PHP PLEASE EMAIL ME AND HELP KUZ@KOLYMA.ORG15
Do you know how to program?12
How old was this poll (made on 2021-07-23) when you saw it19
Which theme do you use?11
is it better to be born?9
What's your most commonly used chat protocol?16
Heyuri Minecraft server22
2 options14
Does full width look better?17
Should heyuri and link up?44
Soudane on /v/8
Heyuri demographic survey 2021-0546
should i invest money into heyuri-brand paperclips?8
yuri-chan dont go4
Is no gream as same as daed?9
Are you christian?26
May Monthly Anime Poll19
is being mean bad20
would you fuck kↈↈz given he was a sexy cosplaying russian weeboo femiod instead of a tranny autistic hikki neet22
Armpits: Hairy or shaven?26
should lol be filtered to LOL?32
make frogposting board5
Do you like gikopoi?14
The Imageboard Title Fight14
9ch styles7
which is best7
which one feels better?13
favorite letter?14
Where do you pee12
am i COOL! (say yes)16
GC: Loli board?408
The sex20
Are you a friend?14
How hot is Ceje19
9ch poll: is stink cute?27
is gream no same as daed?6
cake poll12
Should I bring in the anime loving n00bs to the site?19
True supreme heyuri ruler11
True supreme heyuri ruler5
February Monthly Anime Poll13