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TitleTotal Votes
Does god exist?5
make a poll3
Which is better?3
Should the loli and guro boards stay?32
Monthly anime17
Would you let me store 30 cases of pickles at your house?17
(srs) What is your race?17
(srs) How old are you11
(srs) What is your gender?10
Would you rape tomo?9
Do you love me10
favorite board?12
(srs question), how many of you have a gf?24
How many dicks has chiyo chan sucked?8
Do you want to german suplex tomo through a building13
should necrobumping be bannable12
Is heyuri a force of evil that will destroy the world as we know it?7
dont vote on this poll8
How many dicks can you take at once?7
What Type of Heyuri User are you?16
Would you a yuki-chan?14
Heyuri Contest20
is this world real?10
Where do you live21
Favorite empire12
lolico or kuz22
Heyuri shall we create an utauloid9
Has Heyuri improved or degraded over the last 6 months?31
You have 5 seconds to answer before your cat catches fire (pun puntended xDD haha your cat burning!)10
Default theme for heyuri11